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Trans Dermal Infusion Device

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Trans Dermal Infusion Device

The old methods of delivering P.R.Plasma or any other fluids under the skin and into the hair follicles are not effective and painful, this is why when I was loosing hair I had to create a better way and a whole protocol to treat all the elements that causes hair fall:
1. Stress.
2. Hormonal Imbalances.
3. Inflammatory issues at the GI level.
4. DHT & over oily scalp.
And more.
So I have put a master mind of professors and doctors and beauty devices engineers and put together the best stop and regrow lost hair treatment in the world!


The invention provides a microneedling machine that permits microneedles to be easily inserted into skin with minimal or no damage, pain, or irritation to the tissue. The invention further provides a microneedling machine for the administration of soluble lotions, pharmaceutical agents, and cosmetic agents to skin through the site where the microneedle is inserted. The microneedling machine is manipulated by an operator to insert microneedles into a desired site in the skin. Microneedles used in conjunction with the microneedling machine are shaped to be gradually finer from the base to the tip and have sharp tips for insertion into skin. The microneedles may comprise a variety of shapes, for example circular cone or polygonal pyramid such as triangulate pyramid, quadrangular pyramid, hexagonal pyramid and octagonal pyramid. In addition, the microneedling machine comprises a reservoir having an internal cavity that holds lotion, pharmaceutical agents or cosmetic agents. Tubing runs from the base of the reservoir to carry the lotion, pharmaceutical agents or cosmetic agents held therein to the tip of the microneedle at the point of insertion into the skin. The reservoir is made of a deformable material that can be compressed to deliver the lotion, pharmaceutical agent or cosmetic agent stored therein to the tip of the microneedle. The microneedling machine allows for different lotions, pharmaceutical agents or cosmetic agents to be delivered to the skin by the microneedle in a controlled and varied manner by the operator of the machine.

Trans Dermal Infusion Device

The user of the microneedle device typically can not only control the amount of lotion, pharmaceutical agents or cosmetic agents is delivered to the tip of the microneedle, but the user can also control the number of punctures made into the skin. By counting the number of punctures, the operator can decide whether to increase, decrease or keep constant the number of punctures in later treatments. For example, if in a 25 min treatment the number of punctures was 150,000 and the desired result is not achieved, in the next treatment the number of punctures may be increased to, for example, 200,000, providing control on improvement of treatment results. In one embodiment, the microneedling machine has a number of speeds for puncturing skin where different speeds are appropriate for different applications. Certain speeds may be used for face applications, and different speeds may be used for body and scar applications. In addition, the microneedling machine can vary the depth of penetration of the microneedle into the skin. In one embodiment, the depth of insertion of the microneedle into the skin is controlled by a variable rotating knob, where each turn of the knob advanced the microneedle an additional 10% of the needle size (0.5 mm needle will be 0.05 mm each knob turn , 1.5mm needle will be 0.15 mm each knob turn , 2.5 mm needle will be 0.25 mm each knob turn).

Lotions, Pharmaceutical Agents and Cosmetic Agents

Essentially any lotion, pharmaceutical agent or cosmetic agent can be delivered using the microneedling machine and microneedles as described herein. Examples of suitable therapeutic and/or prophylactic active agents include proteins, such as hormones, antigens, and growth factors; nucleic acids, such as antisense molecules; and smaller molecules, such as antibiotics, steroids, decongestants, neuroactive agents, anesthetics, and sedatives. Examples of suitable diagnostic agents include radioactive isotopes and radioopaque agents, metals, gases, labels including chromatographic, fluorescent or enzymatic labels. Examples of suitable cosmetic agents include hyaluronic acid and p.r.p. (platelet rich plasma).

The pharmaceutical agent can be or include a peptide, protein, carbohydrate (including monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides), nucleoprotein, mucoprotein, lipoprotein, glycoprotein, nucleic acid molecules (including any form of DNA such as cDNA, RNA, or a fragment thereof, oligonucleotides, and genes), nucleotide, nucleoside, lipid, biologically active organic or inorganic molecules, or combination thereof.

Trans Dermal Infusion Device

The amount of pharmaceutical agent can be selected by one of skill in the art, based, for example on the particular pharmaceutical agent, the desired effect of the pharmaceutical agent at the planned release levels, and the time span over which the pharmaceutical agent should be released.

Our needles are thinner than the average Micro needling pen which carries 0.35 mm thick in diameter ,short thread needles which are more invasive to the skin , on our device the needles are only 0.20 mm thick, long thread, laser pointed sharp which makes the penetration to the skin less invasive to reduce the pain and to get faster healing and better results , the serum used at the time of treatment also uses as a lubricant to reduce pain and delivers the serum into the depth necessary for better results from the treatment.


Thinning hair can severely compromise your appearance. Whether you are dealing with hereditary pattern balding or a condition such as alopecia, hair loss can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. At Machisimo, we offer a number of options for patients struggling with hair loss.Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment is an innovative option for patients with thinning hair. This non-invasive procedure can dramatically increase hair growth by stimulating the production of new hair cells. PRP treatment utilizes your body’s own cells to increase hair growth. Thus, it can dramatically improve your appearance and self-confidence with virtually no risks. To learn more about platelet-rich plasma hair treatment benefits, contact our practice today.

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

Your blood contains plasma, which contains proteins called platelets. These growth factors control your body’s response to injury, stimulating the production of new cells. A higher concentration of plasma can encourage increased tissue growth. To raise the level of plasma in your blood, we will take a sample of your own blood. we will then place the sample in a centrifuge, which will separate the platelets from the surrounding blood cells and we use the most advanced PRP tubes for optimal separation.

Next, we will treat your scalp with a nutrients to increase the hair follicle stimultation. then our advanced micro meso needling device will plump the under layer of the skin with p..p making it triger growth and rejuvination to the hair follicales and the skin that holds them in, your body will respond to the perceived damage, triggering the healing process. we will also provide a topical treatment. The PRP can then work in conjunction with the natural healing process. The platelets will rouse inactive hair follicles and stimulate newly implanted follicles.

The Clinical Advantages of PRP Treatment

PRP hair treatment is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its many medical advantages. These benefits include:

Safety: PRP therapy uses your body’s own cells. There is no risk of rejection or an allergic reaction.

Minimal discomfort: Because PRP treatment does not involve surgery, you should experience only minor discomfort, similar to undergoing blood work at your routine doctor’s appointments.

Convenience: PRP hair treatment does not require any downtime or recovery. You can drive and return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Effective: This option is effective for many patients. You may begin to notice the results about three months after your procedure, although the full effects may not be visible for about a year.

Benefits for Your Appearance and Quality of Life

Once your hair begins to come back in, it can have tremendous benefits for your look and level of confidence. Your full head of hair can help you appear younger and, in some cases, healthier. In response, you may be more willing to face new social situations and challenges in the workplace. PRP hair therapy can benefit all patients with thinning hair. However, the results can be truly transformative if you have alopecia or an immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles.

Find out more about PRP hair treatment and how it may benefit you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

P.R.P for hair loss + advanced therapy nutrients treatment with advanced micro needling treatment is $750 - $1250 per treatment or 3 for $2200 - $3200

PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment that involves withdrawing a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injecting it into the scalp. PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. Other terms for this treatment include PRP hair regrowth treatment, and in the U.K., angel PRP hair regrowth and vampire hair regrowth plan. The treatment can also be combined with hair transplant surgery, micro needling.

Nutrients delivery therapy treatment to stop hair loss with P.R.P

We a use the TDID  device on the scalp to deliver nutrients directly into the hair root bypassing the body’s physical limitation of feeding the root on its own, the nutrients are extraction of 38 super herbs and vitamins and an active protein complex to feed the root and trigger it to grow, the existing hair immediately gets thicker and healthier on top of it all I share my anti-aging detox formula to prevent the damage that stress does to the cell when it’s being produced, extra collagen + the nutrients for the hair to apply daily.

As of today, both treatments are established as the best anti-aging skin care treatment in the world and the best stop hair loss and regrow lost hair treatment in the world.

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