Trophy won in Florida at World Scalp: Best School in Scalp Micropigmentation in Canada Best Artist and Best Training School Nominee by World Scalp & Meeting of Minds Recruited by Microbeau Miami as an Elite Artist

Who are Scalp Elite?

Scalp Elite© is a network of clinics across Quebec that specializes in Hair Micropigmentation. Only the EXCLUSIVE Scalp Elite© technique is proven to give REAL RESULTS.

Although the company name has only existed since the beginning of 2017, it is important to know that Hair Micropigmentation was introduced into the field of aesthetics by Maquillage Permanente Johanne Bérubé who has been working in the field of dermopigmentation for 35 years.

As this is an innovative, exclusive and specialized technique, we have chosen to open a 100% Hair Micropigmentation division.

We have been trained by the world’s leading experts. First by Hugues Pastoret from Belgium, we then perfected our technique in Florida with Fernando Cortes. Since Maxime Ouimet Founding President of Scalp Elite© is nominated in 2018 as best international artist by Scalp Guru in England.

Currently Scalp Elite has the largest Facebook group specialized in Hair Micropigmentation in the world (SPOTTED MICROPIGMENTATION CAPILLARAIRE QUÉBEC) which integrates experts from the planet.

Rest assured of receiving the best services in our clinics. All our experts have followed the Scalp Elite training, training being above the highest standards of the Aesthetics industry and insurance companies in Quebec. Hygiene and Asepsis standards are a priority at Scalp Elite for the safety of our customers, all our practitioners having undergone professional training in disinfection and sterilization.

Maxime Ouimet

Founding President of Scalp Elite Clinics

After spending 10 years as a police officer, he joined his mother Johanne Bérubé in the field of dermopigmentation and aesthetics who has 35 years of experience. He first opened a hair & beauty salon.

In 2016, Johanne and Maxime were trained specifically in Hair Micropigmentation by Hugues Pastoret from Belgium and Maxime went to Florida shortly after to perfect his skills with Fernando Cortes.

Maxime went against it when the standards of qualification, training and control were deficient in Quebec. He then set up a training in collaboration with his mother above all standards. Additional certifications in Hygiene and Asepsis. His past in law enforcement pushes him to seek ethics, standards and regulations equal for all to standardize the quality and professionalism of aesthetic care.


Scalp Elite services and training receive all existing accreditations: APESEQ, CCESP and Soins Personnel Québec.

Quickly, by his hard work on quality and perfectionism. Maxime is noticed by Scalp Guru in England. He is nominated as best international practitioner in 2018 and his Scalp Elite school is recognized worldwide in the best. (The only one in Canada that has this appointment at this time)

Maxime is invited to the Meeting of Minds organized by Scalp Guru in 2018 in England as a professional. Scalp Elite inks already sold worldwide have proven their worth. Used by dozens of practitioners combined with thousands of satisfied customers.

Jean-Luc Doré

SMP Artist & Trainer

Jean-Luc has many years of experience as an entrepreneur. He is a very innovative person who operates as an interior system specialist in construction. Therefore, he has all the skills for any project concerning renovation or the creation of construction sites. Jean-Luc specializes in employee management and business accounting.

Jean-Luc specializes in employee management and business accounting.
He also has sales and customer service skills and is a master of the art to solve everything and conclude all professional agreements.
Jean-Luc is recognized for his perfectionism and attention to detail and will ensure, be sure, that your company’s end product will meet the highest standards.
Jean-Luc will manage the implementation of the other Scalp Elite licenses in Florida.

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