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Health Test

Presentation of the descriptions of the Tests offered by the Clinique Scalp Élite

 ‣ Blood test: Blood test to assess the biological parameters of the body to know the general state of health.

 ‣ Food Intolerance Test: Blood sample that includes an analysis of more than 500 marked foods to find out about food intolerances. Ex: Gluten, dairy products, soy, egg… etc..

Vitamin deficiency test: Blood sample to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

 ‣ Heavy metal test: Saliva test to determine the concentration of various heavy metals in your body. Ex: Mercury, lead, arsenic… etc.. 

 ‣ Hormonal balance test: Urine test giving a hormonal balance that allows you to observe the levels of hormones produced by your body to find the adjacent causes of certain disorders or diseases. Ex: Testosterone, estrogen, etc.

 ‣ DNA test: Saliva test to access and understand all the parameters that your DNA reveals. These are the results of personalized genetic information giving the tools to identify your unique needs of your body and benefit from optimal health.

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