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Scalp Elite©Clinics offers treatments and training in hair micropigmentation. Hair loss is a real scourge that affects both men and women.

Hair micropigmentation (or dermopigmentation) consists of injecting pigments into the dermis using a sterile needle.

The right depth and the consequences of a bad depth. Pressure, speed, frequency, needle penetration (diameter), equipment (dermopgraph), pigments, colors are all essential elements to achieve an optimal level of efficiency.

Depending on the areas to be treated, the penetration rate of a needle must be taken into consideration. The penetration cycle of these needles, linked to a specific handpiece, play equally important roles (speed and distribution of forces).

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Scalp Elite restores your confidence and changes your life and inexpensively considering all the inconveniences that baldness causes.


By darkening your head with an impression of hair growing back, your skin is completely covered and you look noticeably denser.


We are experts in scar camouflage. Your practitioner will evaluate your scar to know that it is right for you.


We understand how devastating Alopecia can be but we’re here to give a solution that is 100% effective!

Beard Micropigmentation

Microblading isn’t just for the scalp. You’ve heard of eyebrow microblading right? Well a similar technique can be used on your beard.

"A professional school, talented people and incredible service!"

Benjamin Alain
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Real professionals. The team took the time to fully explain the process, answer my questions and listen to my needs. I am very satisfied with the result and the service offered by Scalp Élite.
Nancy688 Paquet
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A professional school, talented people and incredible service! Thanks to the elite scalp team for my training! Very happy to be part of your big family :-)
Remi Dessureault
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I followed my training at scalp elite, I chose this place to ensure a stable future in the field of hair micropigmentation. With their advice I am definitely very open to my own banner.
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Clinique Scalp Elite is a very professional institute and they pay attention to detail! It's a wonderful team and I advise anyone who wants to take training in Scalp Micropigmentation to go there without hesitation! I am extremely satisfied!!! Thank you !!!

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Estimated Total Revenue in the first Year of an SMP Artist: $324,000 - $420,000

5 days of intense training to make you the best you can be!

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Maxime Ouimet

Maxime is internationally recognized as a master of Scalp Micropigmentation. Moreover, the training he offers is recognized worldwide as one of the best.

Jean-Luc Doré

Jean-Luc is recognized for his perfectionism and attention to detail and will ensure, be sure, that your company’s end product will meet the highest standards.

Maxime & Jean Luc

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